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What is a DO?

Doctor of Osteopathy is a “… degree accredited by the American Osteopathic Association to physicians specially trained to perform osteopathic medicine including manipulations aimed at restoring normal nerve and blood supply thereby enabling self-healing…”   – Medical Dictionary


In the United States Doctor of Osteopathy is a medical doctor, whose cornerstone is that the body possesses the ability to produce all the necessary biochemical processes, to help cure itself of ailments (at least to some degree), and will operate smoothly if properly maintained. This requires a deep fundamental knowledge of anatomy and physiology, but also an understanding of approaching the patient as a whole. DOs believe that the human body is a functional unit and that mind, body and spirit are interconnected.






  • Receive professional doctoral degrees for physician and surgeons
  • Are physicians with equivalent rights, privileges and responsibilities as MDs
  • Are recognized by the American Medical Association as full-practice physicians in all 50 states
  • Practice in all types of environments, including all the armed forces, Veteran’s Administration and Public Health Service
  • Practice full scope of medicine and surgery and practice in all types of specialties, from family medicine to obstetrics, surgery, and aerospace medicine
  • 1 in 5 medical students is a DO student
  • Complete 4 years of medical school total
    • Similar curricula consisting of 2 years of biochemical and clinical sciences and 2 years of core clinical training
    • DO training adds an additional 300-500 hours studying Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  • Complete Residency Training after Medical School
  • Train in MD and DO Residency Programs together with MD
  • In 2020 à one Graduate Medical Education system


For more information on DOs, please click on the following link

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